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Visiting The Dentist is Important During Pregnancy

The hormone Progesterone is responsible for maintaining a healthy uterine lining throughout a pregnancy – it is also responsible for an increased production of plaque and resulting puffy gums.  Seeing the Dentist while pregnant shouldn’t be avoided as changes in hormone levels also impact the mouth.

Pregnancy and Gum Health

It’s very common for pregnant women to report an increase in gum tenderness, swelling and bleeding during their pregnancy – which is gum tissues response to the changes in hormones and the increased production of plaque and oral bacteria.  Gum and Dental Infections are a real concern during pregnancy as these infections contribute to premature birth and low birth weight.  Seeing your dentist for more frequent cleanings while pregnant can help control gum inflammation and reduce levels of plaque and bacteria – lowering the risk of developing a gum infection.  Being extra diligent with your homecare will also go a long way in keeping gum tissue healthy and teeth free from decay.  Extra flossing not only helps prevent a buildup of plaque – but also helps massage gums that don’t quite feel right.

Dental Treatment When Pregnant

Family Dentists at Centennial Smiles in Downtown Calgary explain that by keeping a healthy mouth while pregnant enhances the health and wellbeing of the unborn child.  Preventing dental concerns by keeping up with routine cleanings and exams while waiting for the birth of your child not only keeps Mom’s gums healthy – but helps to reduce the risk of dental decay that can quickly form when food and bacteria gets trapped under more puffy and swollen gums. Preventing decay and infection is a vital part in keeping baby and Mom healthy.  If treatment is required it should ideally be performed during the second trimester – when sitting in the dental chair is still comfortable.  Procedures such as fillings and root canals can be completed during this time but more Cosmetic Dental procedures such as Veneers should be postponed until after the delivery – as gum health plays a big part in achieving the desired esthetic result.

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