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What to do if you Hate Candy Canes

People have surprisingly strong opinions on candy canes. Think about it, are they really something that you personally enjoy? For some, the answer is an obvious yes, candy canes are a great way to celebrate the winter season. For others, perhaps they’re best left as ornaments on the tree. In the same way, some people may have a particular dislike of mint toothpaste. In today’s world, which is dominated by minty freshness, it may seem like you’re out of luck if you want to keep your teeth shiny and bright! So where can someone turn to escape the tyranny of mint flavoured toothpastes?

Children’s Toothpaste

Kids can be fickle creatures. What the like or dislike this week often doesn’t make any logical sense and can flipflop by next Monday. Your child might hate brushing their teeth, but all of a sudden have no problem with it as long as they get to use the fun coloured toothpaste with their favourite superhero plastered on the cover. What is it about children’s toothpaste that makes it so special? The first key difference is quite obvious and has nothing to do with oral hygiene. Children’s toothpastes are clearly marketed towards their target audience, which is the biggest distinguishing factor. But if you were to strip away this marketing, what other difference would you be able to find?

Embrace Your Inner Child

More often than not, the actual active ingredients are the same, but there can be some key differences. For example, children’s toothpaste may have a lower fluoride concentration. This is because children generally don’t require as much fluoride exposure as adult teeth, and they have a higher tendency to swallow toothpaste accidentally. So before choosing a kids’ toothpaste for your adult teeth, make sure it has as much fluoride as the usual, minty stuff. Furthermore, adult toothpaste usually comes with some other properties, such as anti-sensitivity ingredients. These might be missing from your fruity flavoured children’s toothpaste. Anti-sensitivity may be important to you, so you’ll have to carefully balances taste with effectiveness. Brushing your teeth twice a day is the most important thing, so you should definitely choose a toothpaste you find palatable.

Not everyone is a fan of candy canes, and that’s just fine! Why should mint toothpaste have to be any different? IF you’re looking for a change or just something that tastes a bit more exotic, don’t hesitate to branch away from the mint flavoured monopoly on toothpastes!

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