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Use It Or Lose It

Published: Fall 2016
When most Canadians think about their dental health insurance, they consider it a backup plan in case they have a cavity or need a filling, but this is just not the case. Insurance companies aren’t running a charity, and a much better way to think about these health “benefits” is as pre-paid dental care. Whether you’ve purchased private coverage yourself or your job is paying for the benefits, the insurance company is making enough money to pay for all the dental coverage you can annually receive. That means, if you don’t go in for your cleanings and take full advantage of what’s offered, that money just goes straight into your insurance company’s pocket without any benefit to you.


There are Two Types of Insurance Plans.


Some dental plans will offer an insurance a pool of money that they can use for any dental procedure they want as long as they stay under budget. This means if you never have cavities or need expensive treatment, you can have an extra cleaning or a tooth whitening. The other type of insurance plan is less flexible. It provides a specific amount of coverage for each individual procedure. We recommend you contact your employer or insurance company to find out which type of plan you have. And remember, while many plans won’t offer 100% coverage for everything, you and your dentist can create a pre-treatment plan. During this planning stage, your dental clinic should be able to give you a very accurate estimate of how much (if any) you’ll be paying out of pocket. You may even want to submit a predetermination form to your insurer, so you know exactly how much you’ll owe.

 Get What You’re Paying For! 

The Alberta economy lately isn’t doing anybody any favors. If you’re paying (or your employer is paying) for a top notch dental plan, make sure you’re squeezing out every nickel’s worth. Maybe you don’t particularly need an extra cleaning and maybe cosmetic dentistry seems unnecessary, but you’ve already paid for the care; you might as well let your smile get some pampering. After all, if you don’t use the coverage, that’s just money in the pocket of a big corporation.

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